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#0 - 2010/09/06 05:10:04 PM
I've always played a Holy Paladin, since I started playing WoW right after 2.2 was released. I've tried retri and prot, but never made it longer than a month or so with anything but Holy, and I leveled as Holy as well (shock shock shocking mobs).

Now in the Cataclysm beta, I feel like they've completely thrown away the Holy Paladin way of playing. We have always had a slow, costly but huge heal and a fast, decent and very cheap heal. Now they're completely reversing it to slow, cheap and worthless and fast, huge and manadraining? Sigh... I've tried it on the beta, and I really, really don't like it. Holy Paladins weren't broken, not at all. Just by fixing numbers and adding the new stuff (Light's Dawn and HP/WoG) it would've been more than fine, really.

What made Holy Paladins unique is, in my opinion, completely gone, and that's a shame.

If the complaint is that Holy Paladins can't go OOM with the current model, then look at the TBC model. It's all the procentual mana gains that made int-stacking Holy Paladins so undrainable. In Cataclysm Intellect is already being merged with Spellpower so I suspect procentual mana gains will go down a lot as well. With the nerfs to Divine Plea and everything I see no reason not to keep the old system here. Yes, of course on some encounters it might not be fair compared to other healers without a fast, efficient heal, but does that even matter? There have always been fights where some healers did better than others, why can't that be the situation in Cataclysm... ?

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#4 - 2010/09/07 02:50:58 AM
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It worked, really. It's just the evolution of Holy Paladins stacking Int since 3.2 and only ever spamming Holy Light that doesn't fit in Cataclysm. The BC- and Pre-TotC-way worked perfectly and can also work in Cataclysm! It's a shame they're removing THAT aspect of Holy Paladins just because almost every Holy Paladin switched to a somewhat unintended way of healing thanks to uncontrolled stat growth.

We just don't agree that it worked. What generally happened was either the set bonuses, glyphs and librams all aligned to make either Flash of Light the best spell or Holy Light. In rare cases we got lucky and paladins could choose to gear either for a FoL or HL spam, but they were still choosing one spell over the other. They really weren't using a particular spell for a particular job, so the toolbox felt small and they were hitting the same buttons all the time.

I can almost promise you that a Holy paladin in Cataclysm will use Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Flash of Light, Holy Light, Divine Light, Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn on every challenging dungeon or raid run. That sounds a lot more fun than spamming Holy Light with the occasional Holy Shock on cooldown.