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#0 - 2010/08/31 02:11:40 PM
Changes for 4.0.0 Build 12857

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MMO Champion has posted updates:

**ALL listed changes are based on level 80 Paladins Only. Be advised that all race stats have been normalized.**


**As of right now, this patch is not online. MMO Champion found this patch available on the Patch Server. I am going to wait to confirm values in game in anticipation that this may be the next major patch. If this turns out to not be the next patch, this thread will be recycled for later use =).

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#66 - 2010/09/04 09:41:56 PM
A lot of you are focusing on numbers, which are just such easy things to tweak at this stage that we haven't turned our attention to them yet. If a "fun" ability for you is synonymous with "one that hits hard" then what you find fun is liable to be random and switch from build to build. :)

We have adjusted mob health and damage quite a bit in the beta and we're going to continue to do so. In LK, quest mobs got to be a bit of a joke, such that everyone was used to killing clouds of them with ease. We're trying to return to a world where you can generally handle one, but might want to think about using some of your crowd control or emergency buttons when you get an extra one or two. (Again, that's the intent. We're still adjusting things to get there.)

EDIT: One other thing to remember for those of you who have done Uldum is that that zone doesn't have quest rewards yet. In order to make leveling through 5 levels meaningful, the items jump in power quite a bit. You are almost certainly undergeared in Twilight Highlands. Skipping a few rewards here and there may not make a big difference in Northrend, but it makes a huge difference in Cataclysm levels.