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#0 - 2010/09/04 06:42:05 AM
Knowing that this is a Beta and understanding that nothing is set in stone and still being tweaked, nevertheless Blizzard is asking for feedback, so here is mine.

I am really unhappy with the way the Paladin is turning out so far. Not unhappy disappointed. Not unhappy in a meh sort of way. Unhappy in that I actually am beginning to *hate* the class now. That says a lot as I haven't made a lot of toons. I love paladins and picked it because it was a Paladin. I ran only a paladin for a very long time and only rolled a Priest because I just wanted to try something different for a bit, but my Paladin was my primary, first, and foremost toon.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a great player. But neither am I hopeless. I do research the class, listen to others who have more experience or who might have a better way of doing things. So I do make an effort.

My problem is that the Paladin in Cata Beta is coming across to me as horribly, terribly nerfed beyond reason. I'm wearing 83 gear, got the rotation not perfect, but not foolish either, and still manage horrid dps. That does say that I need to learn the rotation better. But it also says that maybe the rotation is too unforgiving. I recall a Blue saying that they did want to differentiate between 'good" players and the "best" players. That's fine. But this wide a gap can't be attributed to simply missing a button now and again. It seems that too many skills, attacks, spells, have been reduced so much that someone like me is unable to be useful in any kind of group setting.

I like that it does take some consideration to choose which spell to cast or attack to use. I don't want to go back to button mashing.

But perception is reality. And my perception, real or not, intended or not, is that the Paladin has been taken too far to the left, made too weak, made to nitpicky.

You asked for feedback. That's mine. Say I'm playing the character wrong. If this were the regular forums, it would be followed by fifty posts that would say "l2p" or something more insulting. But that's how I'm feeling. There you go. My thoughts on the matter.

It all seems to come down to that terrible Holy Power, mucking things up, along with a useless Divine Storm and Consecration. I don't like the idea of being carried, but when I'm barely out-dps'ing the tank, there's a problem.

There's my two copper. Do with it what you will.

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#11 - 2010/09/04 09:32:59 PM
Damage numbers aren't our focus right now. It's not an efficient use of developer time to tweak everything to get everything where we're perfectly happy with the tuning when we're still implementing basic rotations. If your damage feels severely undertuned, then chances are it is.

As far as where things are supposed to be, we don't want Exorcism to be the largest source of your damage. There were a couple of bugs with the spell implementation (double dipping on AP for instance) and we also recently decided to change Ret's mastery to no longer affect Holy damage, since it was just propping up Exorcism too much.

We think situationally you will want to use TV or Divine Storm with less than 3 stacks. However, if it's very efficient to do so, then players will never wait for 3 stacks because having 3 smaller hits is more valuable than having 1 large hit of the same total damage.

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#33 - 2010/09/07 02:42:35 AM
Q u o t e:
Exorcism needs a cooldown. At the moment, the most effecient way of questing is casting Exorcism x3 and a Judgement to replenish mana. A crusader strike will kill that which still draws breath. I'm back at 100% mana, mob dead before he reaches me, ???, PROFIT.

With the added cooldown to Consecration and the enormous amount of mana regen I have, my mana does not matter. I'm not saying I should constantly worry about it, but on a tough fight, one where you blow all your cooldowns, it should matter.

Mana needs to matter more. Ret (and Prot) generally need to be able to hit all of "their" buttons without being resource constrained, but then should only have enough mana to situationally use things like Holy Light, Exorcism or (untalented) Consecrate.

It's fine to cast one Exorcism at range to pull or something, but it's not something we generally want you doing outside of Art of War procs. We're pretty reluctant to put a cooldown back on the spell though.