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#0 - 2010/09/09 09:50:59 PM
I apologize for the poorly worded topic title - hard to get the point across with a relatively small word limit sometimes.

Having said that, I'm growing rather concerned with the current protection warrior damage model. Shield Slam, as has been noted elsewhere, deals absolutely monstrous damage now. Yes, a part of me giggles like I did when I was 10 when I see some ridiculous 5-digit number pop up from a Shield Slam.

However... I feel like too much of our damage (and accordingly, our threat) is being 'bet' on Shield Slam. While it deals substantially more damage than it does on live, Devastate and Revenge are in the opposite boat - both feel significantly weaker. While I understand the trade-off (we can't have 3 Shield Slam damage-level spells, after all), the problem this will create is when Shield Slam misses or is dodged/parried. Its a threat loss that no other spell on our bar can compensate for. Devastate's damage is simply pathetic by comparison (I'm seeing sub-1k hits with a geared level 82 warrior) and Revenge is kind of in the middle - not the joke Devastate's typical damage is, but still very very weak compared to live (and certainly to Shield Slam).

I really think that protection warrior threat would benefit greatly by taking some of the absurd damage you guys have packed into Shield Slam and spending it on Devastate and Revenge. Devastate in particular is just... neutered until you reach max. stacks and even then, its damage is negligable compared to Revenge.

Forgive this post if it sounds whiny or like, I'm trying to tell you guys how to design your game - I'm not. I love the direction of prot warriors atm, I think they feel awesome tanking and questing. But I don't want to end up in a WoW where the only way I hold aggro is if Shield Slam never misses or gets dodged/parried. :(

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#1 - 2010/09/10 07:21:25 AM
We need to shift some of the damage from Shield Slam to Devastate and Revenge. It's fine that it hits like a monster, but it shouldn't totally dwarf everything else.