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#0 - 2010/09/11 05:15:22 PM
This is probably not noticeable for a lot of hunters who don't follow certain fan sites due to the pet wipe; however I made a second copy of myself after the wipe so I could have my spirit bests around. I've been using a spirit beast as my main pet and raiding pet nearly since WoLK started. In the last build, the exotic pets were given new nifty exotic abilities and this is all well and good, however, spirit strike was removed in favor of a heal.

The heal looks like it'll be absolutely lovely while questing, however I am concerned about its group utility, since it requires the hunter to first target a friendly player, and then click on the heal. Spirit strike, while more passive, was what made the spirit beast for me. Having a ranged ability on a pet is just beyond useful for questing, especially in crowed situations. It also allowed my pet to gain a little bit of threat before the mob reaches her, making my life much much easier. It helps me tag a mob in crowed places without having to rely on MDing or agroing off of my pet. I've had spirit strike have raid utility, though that was somewhat situational, I can see similar situations happening again. It does dps, on live, it does a good ammount of dps.

Rake was added to cats back in WoLK to keep them competitive dpswise with other pets, since they only had prowl as a class abilitiy, and a pet with no dps ability as well just could not keep up.

So I ask, plead, and beseech you to reconsider removing spirit strike. Even if that means loosing the heal, so be it. Please keep my spirit beast competitive dpswise!

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#4 - 2010/09/11 05:36:31 PM
We're really trying to make the dps of the various pet families competitive. We don't want every hunter to feel compelled to use the same family.

We're not there yet, but that's what we are designing towards.