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#0 - 2010/09/19 10:23:50 PM
I wanted to make an updated thread for the new build. Thank you to all of the contributors to the previous thread.

Glad to see most of use are at least in the same book if not on the same page.

I started this build with a target dummy and then went on to do some dailies to get a feel for any changes.

- Hand of Light (for me anyway) no longer seems to proc very often. I have the same amount of mastery, and the percentage is the same, but I spent 4 minutes on a target dummy with it not procing once. I did all of the Tol Barad dailies and the battle itself with 4 procs total over the course of about an hour. Not sure if this is a bug, my terrible luck, or what. I did get slightly more procs when doing 5 mans, maybe like 10 or 15 in the whole instance.

- Art of War seems to proc tons now. Which given the extremely low damage it is currently doing it feels about perfect. I currently seem to get a AoW proc about once every rotation or so. It feels pretty good to me after all the testing I did today. (Dummys, Dailies, Dungeons)

- Templar's Verdict is about the same from last build. It could still stand to do more damage given how long it takes to stack up to it. Especially with the Divine Purpose Nerf.

- The Divine Purpose nerf has me pretty confused. We already do terrible dps that take for ever to ramp up, and we already have enough problems with resource generation and RNG. Why make all of those problems worse with cutting divine purpose in half. If anything it should be buffed to 100% on one additional ability instead of 20% on all abilities.

- Word of Glory is still god awful. Please make this a worth while ability and trade off for Templar's Verdict.

- The Holy Light nerf may not hurt Holy Paladins much, but it being our only mana efficient heal and now taking almost 3 seconds to cast and only healing for 3k is really really bad. I know we can use the other ones in battle for a quick heal or large heal, but this was a nice way to top off after battle that would not leave us crippled going into the next.

Overall, we are still where we were last build. It needs a lot of work and balance, currently in every pvp encounter I have come across I have been obliterated with little trouble by every other class in the game. In instances most of the other dps classes are doing 8k-10k while rets are doing 3k-4k assuming not a premade and using quest gear.

I feel your pain trying to balance us. If you buff our base damage, when the stars align and we get all our procs we will be endlessly over powered. If you keep us low on the base damage we will be totally useless unless the stars align. RNG is a headache for us, but much much worse for the developers to balance. Good Luck with that.

Beyond all that I do feel that the new mechanics can be fun if we had the damage to back it up. So that we could take on even level mobs 1 v 1 without needing to blow stuns, CC and cooldowns to survive. Next build try adjusting our numbers in an upward direction. We have already tested as useless and weak, let us try out over powered and god lick for a couple weeks so we can find a nice middle ground.

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#38 - 2010/09/24 03:27:40 AM
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Noticed a bug though. If Hand of Light and AoW proc at the same time, Hand of Light immediately fades from you. Really easy to do a non full stack of TV thinking you have HoL but you don't.

Yes, this is a bug. The procs were set to be exclusive of each other, which is unintentional.

Q u o t e:
The dps balancing hasn't happened yet so the numbers hopefully go up cause right now we are in a ugly spot.

Class/spec wise we have been totally neutered. What was a fun solo friendly class is now barely able to hold it's own against a level 85 normal mob. The total removal of all our self healing and being left with a piddly combo point waste from what we were is a sad sight. All for complexity but we are not getting the bonuses of complexity.

Your first paragraph answers your second one. :)

Q u o t e:
Ret wasn't broken, it had to much aoe but that could have been fixed with a few simple spell changes instead of breaking them and holy and prot in the process. Single target we weren't topping the meters but we held our own and the healing we had wasn't game breaking it was a nice help to the healers (judgment of light). We were solid soloers but other classes had it as good as us, druids and dk's could easily match us in soloing content. All this feel unnecessary and honestly isn't much fun.

Ret was broken. If you don't see eye to eye with us on that, then it's understandable why the degree of change might be surprising to you. We tried to advertise that change was coming for a long time because we didn't want anyone to be surprised when it happened. Many players, including many Ret players, were just not happy with the mechanics of the spec in Lich King. I can understand if you just happened to love your character the way he or she was, but unfortunately, that doesn't give us much room to maneuver in attempting to implement a design that we will be happy with, and ultimately many players (though it will never be all) will be as well.