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#0 - 2010/09/19 02:08:07 AM
Servers down. Decided to do some quick calculations. Turns out Inner Rage(from here out to be known as Inner Waste) is even worse then I thought it was.

I'm not quite sure of the correct damage amounts, so I'm going to just use conservative estimates that favor Inner Waste. Doesn't really matter tho given the difference in value.

Oh, and I'm going to be factoring out the LttS, SD, ignore armor variables because well, the numbers are so far apart that it won't make a difference, kinda like moving the walls of the grand canyon a few miles closer.

Rage dumps:
HS = 85 DPR
Slam = 145 DPR

IR DPR added on the DPR efficient ability:
OP = 180

So our dirt cheap 5 rage, very high damage OP benefits from IR about 20% more effectively then just using the rage on slam. Everything else is not even close.

The damage added is 3/10 (15%/50%) as efficient as the baseline damage. And when our main rage dump, Slam, is currently nearly as effective as all our other damage sources(which is quite disturbing in itself, shocked at how close it was. Half the rage for comparable damage. Lots of variables play to MS/CS's favor, but the half rage keeps it up to par), Inner rage is a waste.

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#23 - 2010/09/20 05:21:48 PM
As we have said several times now, there are zero players outside of these halls doing Cataclysm raids yet, and the high level PvP is just starting to get there. If we were certain warriors would never, ever get into a state where they couldn't spend rage fast enough with Heroic Strike alone, then Inner Rage might be a lot less important. We're just not convinced that is the case yet, nor do we think any amount of theorycrafting can prove that is the case without actual first-hand experience.

If normalization and the new HS model have fixed the problem forever, then awesome. It's just too early to know that.