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#0 - 2010/09/19 09:44:22 AM
I just ran The Lost City of Tol'Vir as discipline at 85. From the very first pull, I was having problems, both with mana and overall keeping the group alive.

Power Word: Shield doesn't seem to absorbing enough damage in relation to enemy damage at all, and discipline's healing just can't keep up. I was bubbling everyone and they were absorbed fully from everyone in a couple seconds.

I would try and have bubbles on the tank the entire time, but with the massive lack of crit, Divine Aegis is nearly worthless, so all i have to rely on is around a 10k bubble, and a 5k Heal. I'm using Heal to reduce the timer on weakened soul so i can throw up another bubble ASAP, but it is just too slow to really get things moving.

For some reason, even with bubbling the tank whenever possible, my mana was dropping rapidly. I was even using Shadowfiend, and Hymn of Hope, and smiting, then using Archangel. My mana just wouldn't stay up during a fight whatsoever. The big problem with this spec right now I think is the speed of how quickly you can save the group, you just can't in most cases. The bubbles do not absorb enough to deal with any type of AoE really, and prayer of mending can only be used so often.

Before anyone tells me "I'm doing it wrong", give it a shot and see how it feels to you, I've been Discipline since classic and this is the worst it has ever been, I went back holy just so I could do dungeons successfully.

Please Blizz, check into this. I would love to be a Discipline Priest again.

Edit: Also, Atonement is not working properly, I was Smiting for around 5k, and it was healing for ~800.

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#10 - 2010/09/20 05:23:10 PM
We don't want Disc just bubbling everyone all the time. That strategy is too effective on live given how simple (and arguably boring) it is. Disc should use a lot PW:Shield a lot more than Holy, but that doesn't mean it should solve every problem for you.

I'm not seeing the massive throughput differences between Disc and Holy, even on the EJ post you're referencing.