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#0 - 2010/09/10 08:43:10 PM
Spent some time on the heroic training dummy, and I have a few questions and concerns. Note, this is not a qq thread, as overall I really like most of the changes.

1) Archangel/evangelism - First, I gotta say, I really really like the new graphic, totally awesome. But, as a regen tool, it may be too unreliable at low levels of gear. A 40% chance at a proc off mindflay for evangelism might sound like it's enough, but sometimes you just get unlucky. There were times my evangelism fell off at one stack because of bad rng, and with the high cost of the spells, it's totally possible to luck yourself oom. At higher levels of gear it probably won't be so much of an issue as there will be more mind flay ticks to proc it, but I just don't like the idea of going oom because I had a bad string of luck. While I never went completely oom, I did come dangerously close a few times, and would have if not for a couple of lucky mind flay crits. Perhaps it would be better to have archangel be a straight dps boost (i can live with a little rng dps) and allow the evangelism talent to have mind flay have a 40% chance to proc evangelism and return 3% mana per proc, and maybe swp or some other spell have a % chance to return some mana as well, but not proc evangelism. Or simply have the evangelism stacks reduce mana costs similar to smites. Mana just seems too tight for a dps class.

2) Rotation - it's clunky. While I don't mind a difficult rotation, it's not bad with a little practice, but there are a lot of things to watch out for, and it's just not very smooth. Reminds me a lot of the pre 3.1 affliction rotation, except it just doesn't flow as well. And the comparison is not a bad thing, I loved the old affliction rotation. One thing that would help would be to make the archangel buff last a few seconds longer. Currently, when deciding what spell to cast next, I'm seeing this a lot, I see VT and DP needing refreshed in 2 and 3 sec, as well as archangel coming off cooldown and running out, and I'm sitting on 2-4 stacks of evangelism and just started channeling mind flay. There isn't enough time to finish the channel of mind flay, and recast the dots before the buff wears off, so it either requires clipping mind flay and losing the potential evangelism stacks, or casting weak dots. Ideally, I'd like it if there were enough time to finish my current mind flay at least (hoping for the last stacks) and still have time to recast the dots before the old buff wore off. A few extra seconds should should suffice. A more reliable way to get stacks of evangelism would be helpful as well.

While I don't mind having to make decisions, as that is probably the design intent, an unlucky streak can really mess up your rotation. Also, it is much tougher to get evangelism stacks during the AA's that require you to recast your dots and mind blast and SWD come off cooldown. Mind blast perhaps can wait, but it is however the spell effected by our mastery so I assume we're supposed to cast that on cooldown, and SWD is a necessity for the mana return. I can live with being forced to pop a 3-4 stack archangel, but it's gonna be rough on dps if we're balanced around having a 5 stack always up. Though, with higher levels of haste, this will probably be less of an issue.

3) Shadowfiend - can see this being a little op at high levels of crit. Would rather not end up balanced around a cooldown, thats cooldown, is directly proportional to our critical strike rating. Perhaps this will not be an issue, but it's worth mentioning.

4) Shadowy apparition - much prefer the version in this build. I could be wrong, but it seems they're moving a bit faster. Wish it did more damage, but meh, it mindless dps so I can't complain.

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#10 - 2010/09/11 05:29:56 PM
Dark Archangel is intended to be used when you want to swap from your main target, or want to put up some burst. Evangelism is intended to take some time to build up for Shadow. Dark Archangel isn’t intended to enhance rotationary gameplay, it is more of a timer. The chance to proc is per tick of Mind Flay, so you have 3 chances per cast.

For mana, you can use Shadow Word:Death with Masochism, Shadowfiend or Dispersion. There is some DPS loss with doing some of those, but this is something we’re trying to design into all mana DPS classes. A Mage will have to Evocate, a Warlock will have to Lifetap and perhaps Drain Life etc. For leveling the new “Glyph of Spirit Tap” gives you mana when you kill with Shadow Word: Death.

We're going to increase the cooldown of Dark Archangel. Here are the scenarios where we intend you to use Dark Archangel: A) After you kill a mob while leveling where you stacked Evangelism, pop Dark Archangel before going to a new mob. B) You’re DPSing the boss, then a new creature spawns that must be killed quickly. Use Dark Archangel, swap to the target for a DPS boost. C) The raid is about to pop Bloodlust, use Dark Archangel right before. Mind Spike is probably your best spell to be used with Dark Archangel.