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#0 - 2010/09/26 06:22:49 PM
Hey there.Well like the topic says, are you happy with rage generation currently? This is a question to both players and Blizz.

I've been leveling my warrior now to about 83 on beta, almost 84, currently leveling in Uldum.
I was happy with rage when i was about 80 and 81, but now when my gear is becoming not so good for my level, its starting to get hard to get rage.
My actual warrior is on my other account, so i transferred a premade one. I have most of the gear that premade warriors start with still,except for a few things like trinkets and boots.

When I look at my hit chance, i have a huge chance of missing with normal attacks, which makes it hard to gain rage. I thought I read something about every swing will give you rage, but I'm probably mistaken. Point is that the gear that has been available to me through quests so far haven't been good enough to replace my premade gear. I would lose too much of several stats, and only gain more of one.

I did stonecore normal today, though i didn't use recount I am fairly sure I didn't contribute much, as I was rage starved half the time.

Is anyone else feeling the same or am I way off here? =/ I also play a paladin and both pallys and DKs have a much better way of gaining resources for their abilities, and I do feel warriors are a bit behind now.

Now I recon that at 85 when you start getting much more hit and haste, then rage generation will feel much better, but it doesn't make it easier on the leveling part.

Just my point of view really. I'm sensing a whole lot of flaming coming this way :P

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#27 - 2010/09/30 06:53:00 PM
Is it even possible to be happy with rage?