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#0 - 2010/09/18 12:11:21 PM
So much work left to do for Blizz and time is really getting short ...

Holy: A total and utter disaster. I have played alle Healing classes in the Beta and Paladin is by far the worst. Terrible manaregeneration , basically a single target healer without being much better at it than all the others and way too limited tools to raid/grp heal.

The Daybreak change seems nice but all it allows to chaincast instantheals ? Is that fun ? Is that original ? Basically no interaction with holy power left .. maybe something is coming .. i surely hope so.
Paladin is so far behind others in grp healing it isnt even funny any more.
Manareg has been totally gutted , Holy Shock nerfed into oblivion and now Holy Light nerfed by 25% and 50% efficency. I am speechless ...... maybe there will be more positive changes in the nex builds but i urge the devs to take a hard look at our grp heals. The CDs are too long and the usage is nor reliable enough in many scenarions where ppl are spread out und take dmg . Raidhealing like this will be next to impossible. My Priest heals so effortless its a blessing compared to the Pala. We need help ...

at least thats how i see it. Am i seeing things to negative ? What do you guys think ?

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#53 - 2010/09/20 05:43:35 PM
We like the change to Daybreak. Read some more posts from fellow paladins if it doesn't make sense to you.

We're not assuming Conviction is up 100% of the time. Procs that are supposed to be up all the time are usually better designed as passives (unless ramp up time is a concern for some reason).

Light of Dawn now heals the paladin as well. We will be very surprised if we see many paladins skip the talent.

Let's keep the QQ under control. If you're so frustrated that our vision of the paladin doesn't align with yours or if you're blinded by rage that we can't see how much weaker you are than other healers, than you're better off just not posting. If you keep posting in this manner you'll just get banned anyway so the effect will be the same.

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#72 - 2010/09/21 07:41:22 AM
Q u o t e:
-Spiritual Focus is also mandatory because in order to gain the benefit from the 3 talent points you spent on Judgements of the Pure you actually need to hit your target. Repeated misses prevent you from ever gaining the JoTP buff AND end up costing you a hefty chunk of precious mana in the process. This problem is exacerbated as newer tiers of content are released since the hit requirements will only increase.

Judgement of the Pure lasts for 60 sec and Judgement has an 8 sec cooldown. Even if you missed a couple times in a row, it would seem like you would have ample opportunity to still get the buff up (and even if the buff falls down, your healing doesn't totally collapse). Judgement costs 5% of mana, so it's hard to imagine that's a huge mana loss if you miss.

I would consider that +hit as optional for PvP, soloing or when you just want to burn things up in a 5-player run.