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#0 - 2010/09/25 02:07:54 AM
So chakra state is around, now I would love to comment on how we enter this state, and what spells would make this state alot more fun.

Chakra heal state. Must cast heal to enter this state. Can this state mention FH, GH, BH please? Each of the added spells cost a ton and will not be a spammed spell. However allowing these spells in the state would allow a holy priest to play the single target heal game and remain in the "Best spell" state as well as chakra. Also applying the new spells to Revelations.

Chakra renew, can't really say much else really. I've been able to try this out once and a while, I can't keep it up unless I have inner will up, kinda look forward to this. I can see a constant moving fight where instant cast are much needed.

POH Chakra, POH 7421+1111 chakra cast to enter this state. Rather costly to say the least. To boot the Holy word cost 9059 mana. All in all casting the right spell in a fight (using these spells) will cost me 1/3 of my mana pool. COH or Holy nova allowing Chakra to activate would be nice, faster, and cheaper to gain The Holy word. Also adding these to Revelations would be very fun.

All in all, I hope chakra gets a slight work up of spell selection. I find healing with the right spell is more important than using X spell for Y state. Perhaps embracing more spells will not punish a holy priest for good spell selection.

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#15 - 2010/09/30 03:19:24 PM
As a data point, internally we see Chakra Heal used more often in 5-player dungeons and Chakra Renew used more often in raids. There is some subtlety to how Chakra gets used though, so we don't expect it to be one of those "always do X when Y" deals.