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#0 - 2010/07/31 10:22:58 PM

Edit: I see that I shouldn't be here.

Note to self: Only listen to the opinions of others and don't post feedback here.

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#5 - 2010/08/01 12:37:06 AM
Q u o t e:
You use the younglings as hostages to lure out the leader of the naga there. Its not like they are harmed (if I remember correctly) You only slaughter their moms. Whats so wrong with it? Not like this is the first time we've had a quest to lure someone out by having someone or something they care for.

The thing is.. goblins do these kind of things, so I think it fits. Also isn't it required to be completed to continue the zone?

Honestly, I laughed at the quest. I thought it was funny.

We removed the follow up quest that had you eat them raw like sushi. Trust me, we do care.