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#0 - 2010/07/13 01:29:39 AM
I'm starting to actually quest some more and I've submitted this before, but I thought I'd post here for other users' input.

[Quest] A Prisoner of Interest

It should be stated where the entrance to the Barrow Dens is. I got easily lost by paying attention to the map where the ? was placed just northwest of Nordrassil. I was flying all over the place around Nordrassil until I got fed up and looked it up on WoW Wiki. It should state, before the quest is even accepted, that the entrance is to the Northeast of the crater where Baron is. We shouldn't have to go searching for information on a quest that should tell us where the entrance is.

[Quest] Through the Dream

When I first accepted the quest it glitched and I had to abandon the quest and exit the Emerald Dream. And then return, pick the quest up (again) and get out of the Den. I know this is beta, but the quest progression was moving so nicely until this point in the chain.

[Area] Mount Hyjal

Blizzard, you have done a monumental job on the aspects of Mount Hyjal. You have captured what was portrayed in Warcraft III and made it even better. Keep up the good work with Mount Hyjal. I don't want to see the Twilight take it away from us.

I'll edit this as I continue my way down the summit.

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#6 - 2010/08/17 05:22:08 PM
There is already a feedback thread available for Mount Hyjal.