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#0 - 2010/09/10 12:15:17 AM
Breadcrumb Task Boards should be available in ALL capital cities. Functionality is as follows:

  • Quests are all formatted in the same manner.
    • Horde quests are called Warchief's Command: <Zone Name>
    • Alliance quests are called Hero’s Call: <Zone Name>

  • Quests from the board(s) are all level banded. This means that the quests from these boards will have a minimum and maximum level (to obtain). This is to prevent sending players to zones that they’ve outgrown and to prevent spamming the quest log. You are still free to quest wherever you desire.

  • Quests are generally region sensitive. For example, if you are a level 25 orc in Undercity the billboard will send you to Arathi Highlands. The same orc will be sent to Stonetalon Mountains if they are in Orgrimmar(Kalimdor).
    • We WILL have another set of breadcrumbs in place that are meant for cross-continent questing. Those are not in place yet.

Please post any and all bugs, feedback, whatever in this thread.

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#3 - 2010/09/10 12:36:52 AM
Q u o t e:
Seems like a nice system for those people who are always asking "where should I quest now".

Would it be possible, though, to make the lower level quests still available if you have track low-level quests turned on? If so, this could also be useful to all the high level Loremasters out there who might want to go back and do the revised zones on their mains.

No. This is solely intended for sending people to level appropriate zones. You can look at the achievement pane if you are going for loremaster and it should give you a pretty comprehensive list of what you need to accomplish.