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#0 - 2010/07/23 07:20:53 PM
As some of you may have seen the Guild UI has been enabled in game, so this is me posting some thoughts about it.

First initial impressions when bringing it up is quite nice, although i am not sure what guild news means i'm sure it will have some further purpose later.

Now, our guild is a BIT big, therefore we are well over the 500 members (possibly over 1000) which the guild ui tells we are at, I am also told that some members still can not see the interface. so this really does need to be fixed if possible.

As to the interface itself i like that we can see our latest perk and the next one, especially with the little light over what we got. HOW we get guild experience however still seems to be a mystery.

on the roster list, i think having guild status and member status is a tad confusing in the name and doesnt really indicate what each function does, possibly rename one or both of these to better define the difference.

Seeing proffessions on the list is really nice, i do like how it looks, although maybe it could be an idea to also be able to click on a guildmember to see what they can make

News and rewards tab dont seem to be available yet

the guild info bit is also nice to have all that in one place, only issue is that i have tried to fiddle with the guild permissions and they dont seem to stick

But all in all i do like how these are shaping

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#8 - 2010/07/23 09:46:17 PM
We've updated the patch notes to include a bit of information about this feature. Please keep these particular points in mind when testing out the new interface:

Q u o t e:

  • Elements of the guild leveling, perks, and roster page are now functional. Players should once again be able to buy and register guild charters, which now only require five signatures. See the Known Issues section for issues associated with this new system.

  • Guild control and guild banks are experiencing issues related to the new guild leveling interface and functionality. In addition, guild experience may not display properly when players change zones, and guild members will be demoted to the lowest guild rank when logging out.