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#0 - 2010/10/27 08:18:25 PM
There have been numerous forum posts detailing how bad Enhance's damage is on live servers. When Paladin, Warriors, and Ferals got the damage buff, why didn't we? Many threads have actual analysis, discussion, and numbers. Some threads were locked by Blizz and when asked why you said that when there are many of the same post you eliminate some so that there isn't as much clutter.
This proves that you either you are aware of the issue or that you are ignoring it. Either way, why isn't there any communication?


- It was mentioned awhile ago that you were working on making Searing Totem smarter... and as of right now it won't even attack target dummies.

- Fire Elemental is almost useless for Enhance now. It would make sense to just make this totem a spell so we could use it too.

- Focused Strikes only gives a .66% damage increase per point. Buffing this talent would give us the melee damage that we are lacking because our spell damage is fine.

If you have a reason for Enhance's damage being low or think it's fine then you could at least say so please.

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#12 - 2010/10/27 11:02:21 PM
Q u o t e:
seems to be another typical balancing patch

- full page of pally changes for blizzard's favorite class
- specs that don't need buffing are buffed
- specs that are broken are nerfed more
- token shaman nerfs thrown in (chain heal in this case)

rets/warrior/rogues are not doing enough damage --> numerous huge hotfix buffs

enhance is not doing enough damage --> nerf resto

Bad thread. Locked.