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#0 - 2010/10/20 05:24:44 AM
Enhancement DPS has been lagging behind since the patch dropped and tonight it was a lot more noticeable since other specs were buffed since last Tuesday.

Here are some of my parses from a week before 4.0, last week and this week respectively;


If you don't care to look, before 4.0 I was competitive, last week I was in the middle, this week I'm dead last only above a druid tank playing Moonkin (16628, 16008 and 15112 DPS respectively).

Festergut is usually a good DPS indicator fight for me too so I'll link parses from that fight as well, again from a week before patch, patch week and this week respectively.


It's pretty much the same pattern here. Prepatch I was very competitive on this fight, last week was a little wonky as the fight was bugged (all the ranged were getting vomited on and a few of the other melee got hit by ooze), this week I'm near the bottom (16754, 15440 and 15740 DPS respectively).

There is going to be some RNG involved of course, mostly around T10 4pc procs (this week on Saurfang I had one proc, last week I had three) but the trend is there and I know I'm not the only Shaman not coming close to his prepatch numbers and drifting towards the bottom of the meters. Last week it was somewhat tolerable because it was patch week. There were an awful lot of changes to digest and other classes/specs were suffering more than we were while some were incredibly OP. I was hoping this week my DPS would improve after I fixed my UI and got used to the changes made to my spec but I didn't see any real increase. I saw a drastic decrease relative to the rest of the raid. That can be traced to many other classes having their DPS adjusted up, while some of the OP classes got some nerfs (though some not enough, if you want a good laugh take a look though the parse from this week and see how much our Moonkin is doing).

So, I think I'm doing everything right but my DPS is near the bottom of the raid, am I doing something wrong? I'm hoping someone of the crustacean persuasion could tell me since at this point I'm pretty sure he's the only one who could. Are we wrong with what we're doing or is Enhancement underpowered? It really feels like the latter right now, and if that's the case would we get a DPS boost as well?

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#86 - 2010/10/28 12:55:11 AM
Q u o t e:
Do blizz want enhance to die? or is it just enjoyable for them making an entire class community frustrated?

Please stop making posts like this. It forces us to lock threads where some of your fellows might want to actually discuss mechanics.