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#0 - 2010/10/28 10:03:38 AM
I think the biggest thing that is currently upsetting the shaman community is the fact some hybrids are more equal then others. Communism quote.

Looking at the complaints from the enhance players I can really understand the frustrations with the spec.
I don't think shamans would complain if ferals, rets, fury wars etc were sitting with similar dps to enhance.
In Wotlk it was not really a issue, enhance shamans were taken to a raid because they brought a unique buff and hopefully the player behind the screen knew what he was doing with the spec too.

The biggest problem in cataclysm is enhance shamans don't bring any buffs that can't be catered for
by other class/specs now. As dps figures become larger so the 5-10% hyrbid tax looks more pronounced.
Leaving GMs and Raid leaders asking themselves if there is a need to bring this enhance in if I can bring
in another ret/fury/dk etc etc.

However the issue that all enhance shamans are getting there backs up about now is the fact that other hybrid classes are doing as much if not more then pure dps classes atm and initial 85 beta raid tests.

Why does it feel that shamans are the only class that is paying the hybrid tax?

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#2 - 2010/10/28 04:35:25 PM
Q u o t e:
Sad thing is GC only reads these fast enough so he can know if he can lock it or not.

I guess he really has no clue what we as regular players already know LOL it's funny to see that the Blues don't even look at the stuff that is still messed up..... no wonder it stays broken.

No, we read all a thread until we see you resort to insults in order to try and get your way. Then we lock it. :)