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#0 - 2007/04/25 05:53:46 PM
This is not an oppinion, it is a fact.

Locks take no skill to play.

While I was at my friends house he let me play on his level 70 affliction speced warlock. He said i should test out his lock in BG's and so i did. So i went up to the various battle masters and qued for a game. While in the que i decided to quickly sort out my binds and spells, it went something like this:

1) Corruption
2) CoA
3) UA
4) Life-Drain
5) Death-Coil
F = fear

After a min or two, WSG popped and away i went to do battle against the horde. I was kinda anxious at first because i had no prior experience playing a lock and still am yet to learn all the various spells. But as i was soon to realise, locks take no skill nor experience to play. They are dead easy. I was owning the horde liek doug headshots noobs in CS. It was just too easy. I would just run up and dott dott dott. All i would have to press is 1 then 2 then press f for fear then maybe chuck in an UA. Numbers were flying off my enemies like sun reflecting off a lake. My dotts were burning the enemies alive. I felt so overpowered. I felt like Sauron in LOTR with the ring on. It was ownage. Whenever i got into trouble i would just pop a deathcoil then /rofl. I was swatting mages like flys and squishing warriors like fcockroaches. It was simply a combination of spamming Corruption + CoA + UA + Life-Drain while keeping them feared at the same time. I even made a /rofl bind which i would spam on opponents as they succumbed to my awesome overpoweredness. I owned every single class in the BG. It was MADNESS!! even more madder than when the messengers get killed in 300. Spamming dotts + fear brought death to any and every class. I could usually take on 2 horde at a time, 3 started to push it, and when i took on 4 at a time i would probably die but i would /rofl as my dotts ticked away and pwned them long after my death. I topped both KB's and the damage meters by a lonnnng way. It was 2 easy.

So in conclusion, locks take no skill to play, and any trained monkey can play one.

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#203 - 2007/04/26 12:39:03 AM
This is not an opinion; it is a fact:

You're a troll. Goodbye.