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#0 - 2007/08/28 10:37:54 PM
The only reason people flame warlocks is because we have an annoying ability. Fear.

Fear is the most annoying debuff in the game. When i get feared my first reaction is "god damn warlocks. (or warriors if they are lucky enough to get close enough for IS)"

Now when i'm sheeped (another annoying debuff) my reaction is "ooh... sheeped, that sucks..."
This generates very little hate. My hate rating for mages goes up about 2 points or so.
But as for fear, i at least gain 30-40 hate, even if i kill the warlock.
Now, what people don't tend to realize (due to the extreme hate generation; it causes "dazed") is that warlocks have weaknesses just as the other classes do. This causes a lot of discomfort for the warlock forums.

Now as we can see, people gaining 30-40 hate per fear they receive brings the warlock into the "hostile" section of their minds. They then learn a new ability called "Forum Bashing" and they mash it as fast as their cool-downs can let them.

You need to ask yourself, is the only reason why your bashing the warlock forum because you have acquired a 700 point build up on hate? Or is there a REAL reason behind doing it? Are you trying to make it completely fair for each class to kill each other? If this is your worry, then you need start naked dueling in front of Orgrimmar and then you will start enjoying World of Warcraft a lot more.

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#3 - 2007/08/28 10:49:40 PM
Psst... It's not a good idea to create a thread like this when you are trying to discourage the nerf threads. It's like honey and it's going to attract.

I'm going to close the thread so that it doesn't in fact become a haven for flames.