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#0 - 2007/09/19 12:17:48 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all Ages... Tokee Productions proudly presents... THE BEST WARLOCK GAME WIDE. *drumroll*


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i roflcoptered at this, id like to see someone outdps my 12.3k shadowbolts, dont believe i can hit em?say the word ill throw a screenshot. *no it wasnt during a evocate or on heroic mech or ne crap like that*
and if you knew anything about me, youd know i specced destro because of guild thats spriest/lock heavy should have one, GG i was the one that did the shadowvuln procs to keep a +20% dmg on the boss, so you OBVIOUSLY know so much about warlocks, who needs to l2p mebe?

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dont question me.
*no he was NOT banished during the shadowbolt it was about 4 seconds afterwards*

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ty and thats y i hit for 12k, because itd multiply the damage lets say to a 3.5k non crit, then a double then gain the 20% more on the next shot blah blah, its a chain, its like pre-expansion rolling crits with scorch.

Please, educate this wayward soul.

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#15 - 2007/09/19 01:08:20 AM
If you wish for such a thread to remain open, please choose a title that doesn't attack eyeballs so severely when looking at the Warlock forum. One exclamation point will do as well.