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#0 - 2007/09/26 02:15:33 AM
From a lock, to a lock, I have a few things to say.

The resiliance buff (not a lock nerf) does not only affect us, it simply affects us more than most other classes. However, if you are obsessed with calling it a nerf and saying that the entier class is broken because of it, then feel free to reroll any other class.

The CC nerf (again, NOT A LOCK NERF) focuses again on all classes, and we do not get hit hardest by this one. That spot goes to rogues and their sap. Fear/seduce/banish/poly/whatever are reapplieable. Sap is not, unless you stop your dps compleatly. The energy regen with sap is also an issue.

So to all locks who QQ about these "lock nerfs", I invite you to roll a new class. I will be starting a guild on Darkspear for all those who choose to take my advice. Mail me ingame for further information. I will also be posting this on the Darkspear forums.

The Guild name will be decided by the first person to sign up with a non-joking name.

Thank you, and please, please, spare yourself the embaressment...dont call me a noob for my lack of epix and PvP rating


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#30 - 2007/09/26 08:39:57 PM
Nerf all cap titles!