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#0 - 2007/11/01 04:24:09 PM
I get a kick out of visiting the EU Warlock forums and seeing how they sticky good posts, or create stickied topics and then link the popular posts regarding subjects such as useful macros, pvp tips, and whatnot.

Usually the thread will have a blue post that pretty much just says, "stickied!".

Imagine if great posts like Shadowborne's 2v2 SL/SL PVP guide was in a stickied topic for pvp tips and tricks.

Anyhow... it's nice to see Neth playing pattycake with us instead of that meani Bornak. That nullifies my complaints about no blue's visiting our forum.

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#1 - 2007/11/01 04:36:46 PM
I've locked this post only because these sorts tend to devolve into flame wars and nationalism.

We are in the process of reviewing sticky requests and have a couple hundred at least we've had to go through. We are looking for posts that are well written, contain good information and are either very current, or something that can stand the test of time. We are very picky about not only the stickies we put up, but how many we can put up since people tend to ignore stickies sadly enough.

Please feel free to use the report function for any posts you feel deserve to be sticked and please feel free to send any other suggestions or feedback you have for the community team to [email protected] .