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#0 - 2007/10/04 02:54:21 PM
I wanted to create this list to give the Devs an idea of what direction we want our class to be moving towards in future patches, and to keep a running tab on spells / talents / things that are not working or are broken with our class.

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Nov. 2 - QUICK SUMMARY - the most common issues that I have seen so far are:

1. Destro PvP
2. Affliction end-game PvE
3. Demon Scaling to help Demonology in end-game PvE.

The following list is a more in-depth mix of suggestions I have seen and my own ideas. This is in no way an "OMG BUFF LOCKS NOW!!" list, but rather a look at what specifically could be tweaked to fix the above issues.


1. Instant Corruption - A warlock without pts in affliction has ONE instant cast DoT. For a spell type that has so many counters to it AND as our primary source of DPS in PvP, this would be one of the single biggest improvements to our class.

2. Incinerate - Some people are suggesting the cast time and damage coefficient be made the same as shadowbolt and to allow it to be improved (probably in the ISB destro talent).

3. Kill Stealing - Make dots tag targets as soon as we cast them to avoid people kill-stealing our mobs

4. Shadow-based AoE - One that doesn't explode through walls and agro an entire instance :P

5. Self-banish - Defensive / escape spell that would help survivability in large scale PvP.

6. Corrupted Ground - An alternative to the self-banish idea as it would help against melee. A spell that corrupts the ground around the warlock, adding another DoT to things that come into range. As an extra bonus, we could add a chance per tick to fear when standing on the ground or movement speed decrease. I could see this as a lvl 80 spell.

7. Fumarole (Instant Cast) - Another defensive spell. A burst of fire erupts from the Warlock, dealing 100 damage to and causing all enemies within 5 yards to be thrown 15 yards away from the Warlock. This ability can only be used when the Warlock is a victim of a critical strike, and is usable while stunned.

8. Shadowburn - I personally don't like the shard cost, but I have heard a lot of good arguments on both sides of the fence on this one. If taking the shard away meant a higher cooldown though, I would keep the shard cost.

9. Death Coil - If it was up to me, I would decrease the range on this spell and dramatically reduce the cooldown.

10. Shadow bolt volley - The consensus seems to be that we don't need this as we have SoC, but I still think it has a high "cool factor". Probably a bit OP as well.

11. Shadowblast - Non-channeled AOE. I am in the middle of the road with this one. SoC is a pretty darn nice AoE spell, so maybe this isn't a really high priority.

12. Spell Haste - Make it work on DoTs

13. Soul FIre - Reduce or remove cooldown. This spell is already balanced with it's cast time.

14. Shadow Ward - a new level for level 70


1. SCALING - They need better overall scaling. Our demons could benefit from our resilience and +hit/crit, they could use more hp, etc.

2. Enslave demon - pretty much broken. I would like to see a talent in the demo tree where we can enslave until the demon dies or we log out. It would be OP with elites, so maybe keep it as is for them.

3. Doomguard and Infernal - upon watching the original Warcraft intro trailer, I was pumped about using the infernal. I don't even bother to buy the reagent anymore. This could go hand in hand with changing how enslave works. We should be able to use these demons for a longer period as they aren't 'elite' and we did have to go through a process (quests) to control these.

4. Demonic Sacrifice - I've been seeing many suggestions to move this to the Destro tree.

4. Voidwalker - I have not put points into improved voidwalker for a loooong time, but I would think that the base voidwalker would be a better tank than the Felguard. At level 70, he is not.

5. NAMES - I have known people that have rerolled after lvl 20 or 30 because they hated their demon's name. Allow us to redo the demon quests or select a name from a list or something please!

6. Looks - You have different skins for pretty much all our demons in the game already, can we please upgrade their look for the expansion?

7. Equipable armor or weapons for our demons?

8. Epic Mount - The dreadsteed quest was one of the most fun things I've done in WoW. It would be great to have something similar for the epic flying mount. (fiery skeleton dragon is my preference)

9. Demonic Protection - How about a spell that can protect our minions if they are going to be fragile? I suggest the exploding sacrifice. When we use the demonic sacrifice TALENT, our demon explodes with nether energy, hitting targets within range for different types of damage based on what demon is sacrificed.

10. Seduce - Seduce is clunky, can the AI be looked at on this? We basically need a macro to make this work right.

*************************************** ISSUES, IDEAS, MISCELLANEOUS ************************

1. Demon form - Not just wing animation on T6 / S3 :P, maybe our epic flying quest?

2. Destruction - more +hit / +crit in Destro tree

3. Drain Life - New drain life animation





Maybe we need to be better at communicating to the devs what WE want to see from our class to make it more fun. Let me hear what you want!

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#91 - 2007/10/31 07:25:51 PM
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