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#0 - 2007/11/13 12:04:33 AM
Ok First of all I know there was another thread saying warlocks are OP but I have better reasoning.

First of all Warlocks have like 10k health with gear at 70.

A Soul Link warlock is grossly over powered in PvE as well as PvP.

Warlocks have 3 fears, including death coil, and don't say "oh well you can just trinket out of it omfg, warlocks have nothing else!!11one11!" becuase you have 3! Count them 3 fears!!! so lets say you death
coil somone, you can fear them like twice, and then use howl of terror.

Warlocks also have instant heals for over 2k...enough said.

Warlocks get a free resurrection as long as they remember to keep ss up.

They have 5 pets, A VW has alot of armor and can be a warlocks tank that keeps aggro, making the warlock unbeatable soloing, an imp doesn't do much, but it does give a mini fort. Felhunter can see invisiblity and eats up magic. Suckibus has seduce..way to OP, and can turn invisible.

You have doTs with insane damage.

You have health draining attacks.

That proves how your OP.

And don't say I'm OP becuase yes I have stuns but, cheap shot is opener, Kideney shot is on DR, we have no burst damage, and CloS isnt realy a problem, you warlocks can just re-dot and fear us in 5 seconds anyways.

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#275 - 2007/11/14 06:59:59 AM
Q u o t e:
just the response I expected from a community of no-skilled scrub, noob locks, your the ones who need to "L2P" If you read my post you see that its not QQ its all true, no one can and will disprove that.

That's not very effective. If you're trying to assert that Warlocks need to be nerfed, I can't imagine why you'd come here to plead your case by insulting everyone who plays the class.

Well, good effort, but we're not convinced anyway.