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#0 - 2008/02/11 06:27:39 PM
Nethaera ,

Firstly , I'm not even a shaman anymore. However , I am concerned with the state of this particular class and their community. For quite some time they have been given promises of change to thier class viability , although very little has been delivered.

I am directing this post towards you simply because you tend to respond to more threads across the forums and seem to demonstrate sincere empathy towards the player base. Please , if you can give any insight into planned changes for the shaman class , inform them.

These are valuable customers. They deserve to know at least a bit about the future state of thier preferred product. Simply glance back through past promises given to this set of consumers , and then do a quick recap of what actually came to pass. How would you feel ? What action would you take as a customer ?

Thank you in advance for your response. You are about the only blizzard employee most of us have any faith in anymore.


To Those who post below me , please keep negative responses to a minimum.

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#1 - 2008/02/11 06:30:43 PM
Please avoid using names, cm, blue etc in titles. I've read this and appreciate the kind words and heartfelt plea, but would advise against future such posts. Please feel free to post in a current thread instead.