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#0 - 2008/04/09 07:45:42 AM
Timbal. The more you delete and lock and ban, the more this Shaman forum will be driven off-topic.

If you want people to start talking Shaman again, then how bout you give them some help instead of bullying them around?

You look like a bored cop trying to meet a last-minute quota.

Oh, and buff Shamen for all the reasons they've been listing.

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#3 - 2008/04/09 07:52:29 AM
Everything you've just said is wrong. Is this helpful to you?

You have created yet another thread that fails to address or highlight any concerns pertaining to the Shaman class. Thank you for trying, but this has been locked. I'll continue to moderate the forums per my job description now.

I'm sorry if you assumed I am being paid to try and help keep people from spitting tongue-and-cheek vitriol on the forums because they're upset about class balance.