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#0 - 2008/04/09 09:16:01 AM
Way to treat shaman horridly. It reminds me of retribution when we were totally broken.

In my humble opinion, the riot should continue. We did not get "Fixed" till we complained up a storm.

I believe you set the example and the bar quite obviously when you only gave retribution paladins what they NEEDED to even begin to be a playable class after hearing enough of their honest to goodness cries for help.

The shamans cry for help Timbal, this is your chance to not only set things right but heal old wounds.

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#22 - 2008/04/09 09:31:00 AM
You are off base, Battler. Some times it's most advantageous for one to more precisely choose the battle one wages rather than just waging a battle for a Battler's sake.