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#0 - 2008/06/03 11:13:23 PM
So based on the 5 leaked classes, who's actually going to stay a Shaman in WOTK?

Obviously I'm trying to keep an open mind about Shaman stuff that hasn't been seen yet, but based on the stuff we have seen I'm so close to jumping ship back to my Druid right now.

The only way I see anybody even staying with the class is if our WOTK spells are SPEC-!*!%ING-TACULAR. They would literally have to be both amazing skills in themselves, and simultaneously make up for all the worthless nonsense we got in TBC.

It really seems to me that Shamans are always going to be 1 expansion behind every other class.

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#78 - 2008/06/07 01:55:30 AM
I think you'll stay.