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#0 - 2007/09/17 11:36:09 PM

what has he solved by his 3 half assed post? he's answered not questions, given no insight, and done nothing but say "looking into it"

Why are you guys flailing all over like schoolgirls cause the guy was high enough of meth to make a couple post here instead of ignoring us like he's done the past 2 years.

Where was Drysc during the rogue review we had pre-bc???

Where's Drysc been the past year?

In closing let me just say Drysc is a loser,

the scum of the earth, he is a liar and those of you that are feeling warm and fuzzy about his "return" are fools.

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#36 - 2007/09/17 11:57:19 PM
I don't encourage anyone to blindly accept a couple posts as some amazing feat, but I do encourage everyone to post constructively and conduct themselves properly.

Aside from all of the crap you just made up, you're right about one thing, there's always a possibility I may never post here again. If I do post again though, I'll be comforted in knowing that you can't.

Take care.