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#0 - 2007/04/13 04:48:48 PM
Here are the notes for the Mage changes in the current PTR patch. Please take note, these changes are subject to further review, additions, and edits based on testing and feedback in the Test Realms.

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  • Added a new rank of "Ice Barrier" to mage trainers.
  • "Arcane Brilliance", rank 1, is now available from trainers.
  • "Arcane Brilliance": Rank 2 of this ability now has the same range as rank 1.
  • "Arcane Missiles": Rank 3-11 will now consistently pulse 5 shots of arcane damage.
  • "Arcane Missiles": This spell is now affected by "Spell Haste".
  • "Arcane Missiles": This spell will now obey line of sight restrictions during its entire casting.
  • "Arctic Winds" (Frost Talent) now also increases all Frost damage caused by 1-5%.
  • "Cold Snap": The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate it only resets cooldowns caused by "Frost spells". e.g.: "Cold Snap" will not reset the cooldown caused by "Dragon's Breath".
  • "Conjure Mana Emerald": This spell now triggers a global cooldown as intended.
  • "Counterspell" duration reduced to 8 seconds, and the cooldown reduced to 24 seconds.
  • Fixed some data errors that caused "Arcane Blast", "Ice Lance" and "Molten Armor" to generate more threat than intended.
  • "Frostbite" effect is now subject to diminishing returns in PvP.
  • "Frostbolt": Damage on rank 12 has been increased slightly to ensure it did more damage than rank 11 at all levels.
  • "Ice Armor":Rank 5 will now still trigger when all damage received is prevented by a damage shield, such as "Mana Shield".
  • "Ice Block": This ability no longer makes mages immune to "Weakened Soul" from "Power Word: Shield". However, using this ability now causes "Hypothermia", making the mage unable to cast "Ice Block" again for 30 sec.
  • "Improved Fire Ward": This talent will now work correctly with rank 6 of "Fire Ward".
  • "Invisibility": Clarified the tooltip on this ability to indicate any action breaks the invisibility affect.
  • "Molten Armor": This ability will no longer be triggered erroneously by some non-melee attacks, such as "Feral Faerie Fire". It will also no longer break crowd controlling affects such as "Polymorph".
  • "Spell Steal": Stolen buffs that affect specific spells from the original target's class will no longer have any effect for the mage.
  • The "Arcane Blast" debuff can no longer be dispelled.
  • "Water Elemental": This pet will now come into the game with full health and mana, including that gained from a percentage of its master's stamina and intellect.