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#0 - 2007/09/26 04:39:23 AM
sooo has anyone else noticed that your getting less mana from evocation now?...

before patch i was receiving around 4500 mana and now im only receiving 3000...?

also isnt it supposed to add mana right when you begin channeling it now?.. to avoid 'wasted ticks?'...

i havent even seen it add a tick of mana on the start yet..

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#51 - 2007/09/26 08:34:11 PM
The only change I'm aware of for Evocation in 2.2 was so you're always guaranteed four full mana ticks, as it was possible to only get three if timed correctly (incorrectly?). It's always possible a fix may affect something else, but there was certainly no intended change. I'll look into a bit further.

It may not matter for much longer though as we're changing Evocation in 2.3 to instead restore 15% of your total mana every 2 seconds, instead of being a Spirit-based mana regen increase.