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#0 - 2007/04/13 04:37:16 PM
Here are the notes for the Hunter changes in the current PTR patch. Please take note, these changes are subject to further review, additions, and edits based on testing and feedback in the Test Realms.

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  • A new "Avoidance" ability can now be taught to hunter pets. This effect reduces the damage they take from area of effect spells and abilities.
  • A new "Cobra Reflexes" ability can now be taught to hunter pets. This effect increases attack speed but reduces damage.
  • "Arcane Shot": Casting lower ranks of "Arcane Shot" than your maximum rank will now reduce the bonus you receive from attack power.
  • "Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack": Wand damage will again correctly daze players with this effect active.
  • "Clever Traps" now affects "Snake Trap".
  • "Entrapment" (Survival): Effect duration reduced to 4 seconds and is now subject to diminishing returns in PvP.
  • "Entrapment": The tooltip has been corrected to indicate it works on "Snake Trap".
  • "Expose Weakness": The chance for this talent to trigger has increased to 33/66/100% chance at 1/2/3 talent points.
  • "Ferocious Inspiration": This ability will now trigger "Kill Command" correctly.
  • "Flare" cooldown increased to 20 seconds, and duration reduced to 20 seconds.
  • "Frenzy": This talent can now trigger from "Kill Command".
  • "Frost Trap": This trap no longer breaks stealth from its slowing effect.
  • "Go for the Throat" no longer causes additional threat.
  • "Hunter's Mark": This ability now becomes stronger each time the target is struck by a ranged attack.
  • "Improved Hunter's Mark": Adjusted the tooltip to indicate this talent only grants melee attack power equal to the base ranged attack power on the "Hunter's Mark".
  • "Kill Command" has been removed from the global cooldown. The shout animation has been removed.
  • "Readiness": Now resets the cooldown on "Misdirection".
  • "Revive Pet": The tooltip has been adjusted to indicate the pet returns with a percentage of its base health. It will not get an increased percentage of the bonus health it receives from a percentage of its master's stamina.
  • "Scatter Shot": This ability will now trigger "Kill Command" when it critically strikes.
  • "Survival Instincts" now also increase attack power by 2/4%.
  • The quest creature, Death Ravager, is no longer able to be tamed.
  • The Razorfang Ravager can now be tamed.
  • Hunter "Mend Pet"/"Improved Mend" Pet Changes:

    • Replaced the current "Mend Pet" channel spell with an instant cast heal over time.
    • No combat reset, resets global cooldown
    • The mana cost has been reduced and the heal value increased.
    • Duration on Heal Over Time increased to 15 seconds in 3 second increments.
    • Changed the graphic to better represent the Heal Over Time effect on the pet.
    • The "Mend Pet" heal over time buff is now able to be dispelled.
    • Bonus healing gear will no longer effect "Mend Pet".
    • Added a 10% and 20% reduction to the mana cost of "Mend Pet" in "Improved Mend Pet" talent (Beast Mastery).


  • Abilities and items that are triggered when you kill a target are also now triggered when your pet kills a target.
  • Fixed the amount of happiness lost when you dismiss a Nether Ray pet.
  • Voidwalkers will stop while they are consuming shadows.
  • Warlock and Hunter pets will now be automatically dismissed when you summon a mount. These pets will return on dismount. This does not affect pet happiness for Hunters.
  • Warlock and Hunter pets will now be automatically dismissed when you untalent.