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#0 - 2007/11/14 06:45:07 AM
Simply said, please allow us to feign death and drink again.

Regardless weather its a bug or not, it needs to be fixed.

Hunter mana regen has been sub-par since TBC, and many hunters (especially marksmen) use mana extremely quickly compared to other classes.

Aspect of the Viper is a joke, and does not even allow enough mana regen to constitute itself being used in a raid environment. While 2.3 promised hunters a pve mana fix, all we were given was a slap on the face.

Feign death + drink is the only possible way to maintain constant dps without going OOM in a minute. Atleast allow us to continue doing something that has been in the game as long as raiding itself has.

Hunter community, lets try and get some attention so that we dont loose ALL utility and efficiency in a pve environment.

/sign if you agree.



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#106 - 2007/11/14 10:11:53 PM
Please don't create petition threads. Feel free to discuss this further in the following thread where I've posted about the bug fix that pertains to this concern.-