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#0 - 2007/06/04 04:37:51 PM
that raptors really need to have dash for pvp reasons?

is this possible?

us hunters have been spamming the forums for 2 and something years.. yet there has been no acknowledgement / confirmation / denial / or any feeback what so ever about this issue and it is really frustrating.

i know it may not seem game-breaking in other peoples eyes, but it is an issue lots of hunters are passionate about and want to change.

please, let us know if this issue has even been acknowledged.... just give me a sign that all our constructive effort we've put into our multiple posts won't amount to nothing...


Edited the title- Please refrain from using names in subject lines of posts, Blizzard or Blue in the future.- Nethaera
p.s. please give me some sort of sign (it is really frustrating me).. ie acknowledged and working on it / acknowledged but denied / not acknowledged

EDIT: I'd like to thank Neth for passing on this info, raptors officially have dash on the PTR link

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#2 - 2007/06/04 04:40:54 PM
I can pass it along. :)

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#35 - 2007/06/04 06:22:58 PM
Q u o t e:
Nearing 300 posts, and with well over 300 sticky requests... "Hunter self-governing sticky project" could be quickly and easily renamed if it would actually get stickied.

Neth... :P

Unfortunately, we're a bit backed up for sticky requests. Reporting them to be stickied is great and if you have done so, they will be reviewed for a sticky, but it could take awhile.

As for the hug, I'm fine with it as long as hands don't wander and it doesn't last too long getting into that 'creepy awkward' phase. ;)