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#0 - 2007/05/14 03:22:59 PM
For the past month I've been trying to get my quest done for Kara Key. This past weekend was the worst I've seen at BM over the weekend. Hellkiss and I both were in groups together and group up with other people.

The problem is BM is bugged. it is way too dam hard for 5 people. If you are suppose to have T5 armor, and can only get them thru the Kara dungeon then there is something wrong with this picture. It's impossible.

I had all good players with me too. And we wiped out so many times. I wasted over 100 gold on repairs.
I give up on Kara key because it is impossible, and knowing Blizzard they will not fix BM. Some kind of customer service. Yep, just remember WarHammer is coming out soon. No threats just facts.

Just wanted you to know about BM just in case if your interested.


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#3 - 2007/05/14 04:51:58 PM

I'm going to move your thread to the Raids and Dungeons forum so you can read up on some advice from your fellow players. This really isn't a tech support subject.