Regional Flag[BUG] 2.3 Hunter Auto Switch Targets and FireSource
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#0 - 2007/11/19 05:26:06 PM
I'm posting this here in the UI & Macros forum because I think the bug is related to the use of the Hunter Auto Shot and/or Kill Command abilities in this macro.

Eventually I would like to make a post in the Bug Report Forum but I don't think the problem is well understood yet. My goal is to start a dialog here and hopefully get some help from UI & Macro developers.

The issue begins with the following macro:

/castsequence reset=3 Auto Shot, Steady Shot
/castrandom [target=pettarget,exists,nodead] Kill Command

The macro is designed to be "mashed" with the effect being that Steady Shot does not clip Auto Shot and Kill Command is used whenever it's up (after a crit) and your pet has a target that exists and is not dead. I believe Slouken is familiar with this macro from other recent issues Hunters are having with it - this however is a different issue.

Before 2.3 this worked fine. After 2.3 many Hunters are finding that when a mob dies they sometimes switch targets "automatically" and begin firing on another target - often a target which is crowd controlled, etc. This obviously causes a lot of problems in raids.

There is some evidence to suggest that this is happening when the mob is killed by a crit, causing Kill Command to become ready and be used on a dead/non-existent target. This may be a red herring however.

The question I have is what changed in 2.3 that would cause something in the above macro to auto-target where it did not before 2.3? Perhaps it is Kill Command, and something was changed with regard to player and/or pet targeting following a mob dying?

Any additional ideas on what we could test to figure this out would be appreciated.

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EDIT: I should also mention that the Hunters reporting this problem already have the UI option "Stop auto-attack after target changes" checked (myself included). It is possible however that something in 2.3 is ignoring this option. Basic testing with auto-shot verified that in the simplest case, the option is still working.

Blue Poster
Target Source
#24 - 2007/12/07 11:38:43 PM
This is fixed (again) in the next test realm update. Thanks!