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#0 - 2008/11/19 12:51:53 AM
i am trying tio get some addons to work but i dont have an addon button on my chracter screen. i have asked many people what tgo do and they ahve all tried to help but nothing i do works. CAn someone tell em why my addon button wont appear. I ahve windows vista and in the World of Warcraft folder, all there is is an Interface folder with an Addons fodler inside of it...please help

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#1 - 2008/11/19 12:54:21 AM

Move your Wow folder outside of the Program Files folder. Delete any other copies of Wow you have that aren't your main Wow folder. Delete Wow from the Virtual Store as well:
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\World of Warcraft

Then try reinstalling your addons.