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#0 - 2009/03/30 02:15:44 AM
What is the macro to zoom out really far. My roomate was showing me, and he zoomed out to like <message redacted> jupiter. But i wanna go to pluto.

But honestly, it was like Camerablahblahblah4.

Thanks in advance to anyone that knows.

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#1 - 2009/03/30 02:59:25 AM
Unfortunately we cannot support zooming out to Pluto, as we would also be forced to support zooming out to Eris.

In the meantime, this will probably help:

/console CameraDistanceMax 25
/console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 2

If you feel like returning to Earth, or encounter difficulties with your zooming spaceship, the following commands may be of use:

/console CameraDistanceMax 15
/console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 1

Just type them into chat and you'll be all set!

(Thanks Arrowmaster!)