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#0 - 2009/04/15 12:00:49 PM
One of the options with this new Blizzard's feature appears to be resizing the objectives frame. I'd like to do so, specifically to make it wider.

The problem is, there appears to be no way to do it. I checked the box which purportedly allows me to resize the frame. I click on the frame and... what? Nothing, apparently.

Did anyone else figure this out?

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#5 - 2009/04/15 06:25:54 PM
Hey Zolja,

After enabling "Advanced Objectives Tracking" from the interface options window and unchecking "Disable Mouseover", you should be able to right click on the Title portion of the window that says "Objectives" and access some additional options, including "Unlock Window", which should allow you to resize it by clicking and dragging the bottom corners of the frame.

That having been said, this isn't a straightforward process and we will be consolidating these configuration options in a future patch.