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#0 - 2009/04/19 06:57:25 AM
#showtooltip Unholy Presence
/cast [stance:3] Path of Frost; Unholy Presence

This macro just plain won't work. It won't cast Path of Frost while in Unholy Presence. However, it will change my stance to Unholy Presence upon cast.

#showtooltip Frost Presence
/cast [nobutton:1, nocombat] Acherus Deathcharger; Frost Presence

This macro actually works correctly, however, only when I click it directly with my mouse. Otherwise it will only change my stance. Basically, I want to able to change my Presence with a Hotkey in combat and by a click outside of combat. Outside of combat it's supposed to mount me with a Hotkey.

This will change my stance with a Hotkey, but not mount me with the same hotkey. I have to click the macro directly with button 5 (which kind of defeats the purpose of the macro).

Can anyone elaborate on why these aren't working correctly? I've attempted these after disabling all my addons, deleting my cache and wtf folders and renaming my interface folder.

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#3 - 2009/04/19 08:00:35 PM
While I know this won't help you much now, we'll look into adding a death knight "presence" conditional for macros. Thanks for bringing it up :)