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#0 - 2009/07/16 03:06:53 PM
Well, I made it to level 80. Prior to this, I was so focused on leveling, that I never thought seriously about add ons. Now I want to be able to survive raids and heroics (and carry my weight while doing so). I would like to get some add ons to help with this, but do not know how to do it.

I downloaded Healbot from Curse, but it said to move the file to my WoW add-on folder. I couldn't find it. Do I have one, or need to make one?

Any tips on getting add-ons would be appreciated.

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#3 - 2009/07/16 04:44:29 PM
Hi Snakeskin,

You should have an Interface folder and then an Addons folder inside. World of Warcraft makes those and a few Blizzard folders inside of it. You'll want to extract your addons correctly in that location. If you have trouble finding your World of Warcraft folder, right-click your game's shortcut and go to Properties. Click on Find Target or Open File Location and it'll lead you there. For more help on installing addons, you'll want to be in the UI forum.