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#0 - 2007/01/18 07:40:20 PM
Well I had pre-ordered my Burning Crusade Collectors Edition and it wasn't coming in the mail for a few days so I went to a midnight release party and bought a normal version of the game so I could play right away once I got my Collectors Edition I opened it and tried to find out how to get the netherwelp after calling the pone # and submitting a ticket to a GM found out that I will not be able to receive my welp unless I created a new acct to register the Collectors Edition CD key to.

Thank you Blizzard for screwing your players once again where they spend money on you just to be told they can't do anything with out spending more money!!!

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#1 - 2007/01/18 07:44:35 PM

Unfortunately, since the account was already upgraded using a regular key, it cannot be upgraded again with a different key. This is the same with the first release of WoW; once an account is created, even if the collector's edition is available it cannot be changed to a collector's edition account.

You can enjoy the other items in the Collector's Edition though, the make of DVD, the sound track, mouse pad and concept art book.