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#0 - 2007/05/24 11:13:20 PM
There has been some gossip and threads about the supposed nerfing of the female character's (some, at least) breast size/appearance. I decided to find out for myself, since barbie doll advancement in this game is far better than PvP, Raiding, or elitism. So anyway.

I dug up some old screenshots that involved somewhat clear or focused pictures of human female avatar's breasts. Then I put on as much of the same gear as I could (although I did vendor some of it so it's not exact matches), and took screenshots again. And compared side by side.

The end result is nothing at all was changed, I even stacked the images on top of each other if they were exacts (only a few were true 100% exact, since it was from character screen) and they were identical.

I imagine it's the same case for the other avatars, and people are just imagining things.

Solving this mystery was a major accomplishment and was a fulfiling and challenging use of abilities after a long day of actual work.

Enjoy the pictures.
I was able to get the exact same gear in this one, I'm including character lists in most of these type of pictures so people can see the level differences and such showing how it's an older picture next to a newer one. While the sleeves of this top are actually bugged, it doesn't affect the actual purpose of the top.
Can't really see too much here, but there's also no noticable difference.
first (old) screenshot isn't my character, but that's irrelevent!

Mirrors courtesy of Eriah:

You can now sleep safely, take it easy.

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#22 - 2007/05/24 11:27:59 PM
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The end result is nothing at all was changed, I even stacked the images