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#0 - 2010/01/28 11:49:57 AM
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Trinkets have their static stat bonuses itemized seperately from their procs. For being the same style as trinkets like Show of Faith, this trinket is 26 spellpower under budget for its iLvl 264 - 153 is what you'd expect from a stat like haste, crit, or hit, but spellpower is budgeted at 6/7 the cost of other stats (Look at gems!)

Not saying this isn't a good trinket, but it's a downgrade to an ilvl 245 trinket for being 19 ilvl higher. What gives?

153 haste - 153 item points
152 hit - 152 item points
228 stam - 152 item points
153 spellpower - 131 item points
76 MP5 - 152 item points
178 spellpower - 152.5 item points and

THe item points are much lower than any other 264 trinket. WHy haven't the spell power be brought to where it is suppose to be? 153 SPELL POWER is itemized what Haste/Hit should be. Look at the fit 2 trinkets there. 153, 153.

Fix this please to 178 spell power at least?

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#9 - 2010/01/29 01:11:12 AM
It is about 22 spell power under budget, and will be fixed.

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#20 - 2010/01/29 02:00:59 AM
Please don't hassle us about where we post. The outcome is never going to be that we feel sorry for you and come post in your thread. :(

These forums are primarily for players communicating with other players. We'll drop in when we can, but we're never going to be able to have back and forth conversations with several thousand active forum participants. If you've made good points, then we have read them. Sometimes those discussions will lead to changes in the game and other times they won't. None of the blue posters can respond to every topic that comes up, nor even what you feel are the most important ones. You will get some responses. That's all I can promise.

See, now a response that I tried to make quickly and hopefully bring some good news to a few players or at least give them some information to help them with gearing ended up taking a lot longer than those few words. I now have a melancholy that only gin and a yacht can cure.