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#0 - 2007/07/07 06:59:17 AM
I am going to buy a computer just to play WoW on and browse the internet, but I dont know what to buy. I've been reading other posts and they say to upgrade the video card after you buy your computer. I don't know what computer to buy though.

I have a budget of $750, but i could go a little higher. I don't know anything technical about computers so any help whold be appreciated =).

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#95 - 2007/07/18 04:27:04 PM
Q u o t e:

For instance, WoW does not use and cannot use more than one core.

A casual examination of the system activity monitor will show that this isn't true. WoW can use up two cores pretty effectively on Windows and OS X, depending on graphic settings. (For example if you set very high graphic settings and tax your GPU heavily, CPU utilization will drop while it waits for the hardware to catch up).