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#0 - 2009/04/24 04:16:35 PM
I was browsing through the achivements last night and noticed this one here which is a little anbiguous:

"Defeat Algalon the Observer on Normal Difficulty without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment with an item level higher than 226. "

Now i know that each item has it`s own level based on the amount of stats it has or something like that but what i find it really really awkward is that there is no way to tell what level each item has (that i know of) in game.
I know that there are several unofficial websites that give information about this game but i don't know why blizzard is making this achivement reliant on such websites.
What am i supposed to do for this? check a website for each item i have to see if it`s not higher than 226?
I think the best course of action would be to implement an option to show the level of each item. (if there is one atm i'd like to know)

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#9 - 2009/04/24 07:25:39 PM
Q u o t e:
You can see ilevel on the Armoury as well.
This is fact, the armory does display item levels. Also, it's safe to say that people attempting Algalon, especially for an achievement of this kind, will know their item levels. Whilst this is not an excuse for not being able to find them in-game (which may come in the future), it's a safe bet.