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#0 - 2009/04/27 12:11:37 AM
This guide is aimed at the average Protection Paladin, and not the specialist raid tank. In addition to this information you should read up yourself on talents and make your own decisions.

It was previously the Sticky on this subject, the old Sticky can still be found here:

I have chosen to edit and re-post the guide to give me more room for explanations all at the start and also to remove old out-dated responses that might cause some confusion.

The aim here is to be able to give a nice clear explanation for Each area of Importance and try to keep them arranged on a post by post basis.

Any Input from other Protection paladins is always welcome, try to keep all comments constructive.

There are abilities and spells that have very debated advantages and disadvantages, feel free to post abou these as responses here. It will then allow other players new to the spec a wealth of information and constructive debate about these abilities, with which they can then make their own mind up.

Flaming and disagreements without valid sources or theorycrafting does not serve to help anyone.

Thanks again for supporting the original post, let's see this continue the trend here and make this re-posting a complete sucess.


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#25 - 2009/06/26 02:00:29 PM
Nice work! (and updated in the sticky atop the forum)

Consider this thread 'blued'. :)