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#0 - 2008/03/21 06:58:17 PM
Get ready for the avalanche of hateful, anti-Christian bigotry that will try to populate these boards for the next couple of days.

Mods, please take a look at the calendar. It's "Good Friday" today; "Easter Sunday" is this weekend. For some reason there are a lot of immature people who post on these boards, and the one bigotry our culture seem to teach is OK today is anti-religious bigotry. There'll be lots of threads flaming Christian beliefs and trolling for attention. It's already started.

Please be pro-active. Be prepared. Increase your staffing. I'd hate to think that Blizzard condones hate speech, but if you allow it to run rampant this weekend that's exactly what you'll be doing.

Thanks in advance.

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#89 - 2008/03/21 08:44:30 PM
Thank you, Danadin. We're aware of the date and will keep a close eye out for any posts we feel are in violation of the Code of Conduct. Do keep in mind that religious discussions have not a place on the World of Warcraft forums, whether made to be inflammatory or constructive.

As creating a thread such as this may actually encourage trolling rather than quell it, the thread has been locked. Future moderation requests of this type should be emailed directly to us at

Thank you, and have a Good Friday. : )